Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Microsoft joins E For All 2008

Microsoft joins E For All 2008

Many gamers reflect on E For All 2007 as a bit of a failure to say the least, although many of those gamers were never at the show as well which made it a bit odd for those claims to go about. For those that were there E For All seemed to have a momentum that never really went anywhere, the show originally was slated to have a large array of publishers and developers to produce a public E3 event of sorts for people to bask in and enjoy. Unfortunately support was weak and by showtime only a fraction of those who signed up came to the show, for many that was an epic kick to the face for them given that people traveled from all over to get to the convention.

This year IDG seems to be focused on getting the big players in the show, with only Nintendo present last year it wasn't quite the slugfest they may have anticipated. This year though we'll be seeing a commitment from the Microsoft Corporation to demonstrate their new titles at E For All 2008 this October 3-5 in the LACC. Microsoft notes that it will be delivering a full portfolio for the hardcore to the family oriented as well, it seems to be a hint that the company will be dishing out quite a bit of floor space and games not only by their company but by devs and publishers that might not make it to the show this year.

The group notes that in the coming weeks we will be seeing more announcements for the 2008 show, hopefully they keep the momentum they started with and get the big players to commit to some large floor space so that gamers don't end up with large empty spaces of empty bags and trash. If they can at least bring public tournaments / lans to the show then I'd be happy, the show as it came off last year was a bit of a gamer bonding event where people ended up setting up their own laptops and doing matches on their own in small packs, giving actual floor space to that would be quite a nice gesture.

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